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Make Employee Appreciation Day Memorable

Say "thank you" to your employees with a special recognition experience

Days Until Employee Appreciation Day



Why Employee Appreciation Day Matters

With disengagement, burnout, and stress on the rise, creating a culture of recognition that motivates and inspires your workforce is vital to organizational success. This Employee Appreciation Day, turn these negative trends around by recognizing and honoring the people who power your business – your employees - with a meaningful message and gift.


of employees would work harder if they felt better appreciated (Zippia).


Strong employee recognition programs reduce turnover rates by 31% (Zippia).


Employee recognition increases employee engagement, productivity, and performance by 14% (Deloitte).

Deliver a Meaningful Employee Appreciation Day Experience with Inspirus

Honor your people and celebrate their contributions with a special recognition experience this Employee Appreciation Day, March 1st.

In as little as one week, Inspirus can create a branded, digital recognition experience that shows your employees they are valued and appreciated. Let our experts configure your program and manage all the details so you can focus on the most important part of your job - empowering your employees.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Choose a theme and greeting from our pre-designed selections.
  2. Determine budget levels for gift recipients
  3. Send the recipient data file to Inspirus

Inspirus will take care of the rest, and your employees will receive their gift choice delivered wherever they choose. Talk to an Inspirus specialist today to get your order started!

But hurry — programs must be ordered by February 23rd in order to 'go live' on March 1st!

Schedule a Demo to Start Your Tailored Employee Appreciation Day Program!

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Meaningful Gifts are Valued and Appreciated

Connects Celebrates offers over 2,500 popular brand names and 100 million gift options for your employees to select from – available across 185 countries. A digital catalog will automatically curate a gift selection to your budget levels, ensuring your program is budget-aligned. Gift categories include:


Charitable Giving

eGift Cards


Mobile Top Up

Gifts Options from the Brands You Know and Love

Our gift collection contains something for everyone from the trusted brands your employees love.*

*Brands vary based on the selected budget levels