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The Ultimate Employee Appreciation Day Toolkit

The go-to guide for making Employee Appreciation Day memorable

Days till Employee Appreciation Day


Simple gestures can go a long way in driving employee satisfaction and company results. This Employee Appreciation Day, celebrate the people that power your business - your employees - in a meaningful way. To help make this day special for your team, we've created a toolkit with everything you need to show your employees just how valuable they are.   


The Importance of Recognition on Employee Appreciation Day

The benefits of recognizing employees on Employee Appreciation Day go beyond being a kind act. Research shows that recognition significantly boosts retention, enhances productivity, and strengthens trust within teams.

A little recognition can go along way. Expressing gratitude for your employees’ continuous dedication and hard work has a significant impact on their morale and job satisfaction, fostering a culture of loyalty and commitment.


of highly recognized teams agree that they trust their everyday team members.


of employees would work harder if they felt better appreciated.


of HR professionals believe that recognition & rewards make employees more likely to stay.

Your Employee Appreciation Day Toolkit

To help you prepare for this year's Employee Appreciation Day, we created a toolkit with actionable tips, strategies, and best practices to help you create the best experience for your employees. Click the boxes below for ideas on how to show your employees just how valuable they are this Employee Appreciation Day.

50 Employee Appreciation Day Message Examples

Why Employee Appreciation Matters in the Workplace

Employee Appreciation Checklist

Creative Party Themes & Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

Best Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Simplified Employee Recognition Experience

Boost Morale with a Meaningful Digital Recognition Experience

Looking for a way to make this Employee Appreciation Day extra special for your employees?

Inspirus’ new special recognition program, Connects Celebrates, provides a flexible, digital employee gift experience, perfect for celebrating your employees on Employee Appreciation Day.

With over 100 million rewards and options across gift cards, merchandise, experiences, and more, your employees can select a gift that’s meaningful to them - from the brands they know and love - aligned to your budget. Brands include: