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Learn How Inspirus Can Help Transform Your Organization

Pizza parties and generic rewards are no longer cutting it for today’s employees. The workforce is evolving – and so are employees' expectations. Today’s workforce expects to have a meaningful employee experience starting on day one, and they want to feel valued, seen, and heard at work.

Inspirus offers a comprehensive employee engagement & recognition platform designed for modern organizations seeking an integrated solution to enhance workplace culture. Learn how Inspirus can help you and your organization with: 

  • Increasing Engagement & Productivity
  • Enhancing the Employee Experience
  • Boosting Job Satisfaction
  • Reducing Turnover
  • Building a Positive Workplace



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We’re Honored to Serve Great Clients

Our passion for exceptional customer service has made Inspirus a trusted partner of choice among a growing roster of esteemed organizations. As a leader in the recognition industry, nothing is more important to us than helping our clients connect with their employees in meaningful ways.

Delivering a Stellar Customer Experience Drives Our Business

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 70, Inspirus is there for you from kick-off to go live and beyond. We serve as your engagement & recognition partner, tailoring our approach to your unique needs.


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Inspirus Responsiveness


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The Only Platform You Need to Create an Engaged and Happy Workforce

Inspirus improves the employee experience by tapping into the powerful motivators of connection and belonging. Our technology-enabled solutions connect employees to their colleagues, senior leaders and company culture.

The Inspirus Connects Platform provides a central location where all your people can interact, collaborate, celebrate each other, learn new things and stay up to date on company news and initiatives — activities that create better experiences for each employee and better business outcomes for the company.

Inspirus offers a full-suite of employee engagement and recognition solutions that will help transform your workplace culture. 

  1. Employee Rewards & Recognition Program: Connects Plus allows you to celebrate employee accomplishments and acknowledge milestones with an intuitive points-based system that can be easily redeemed for merchandise, experiences, and more.  
  2. Social Recognition Program: Connects Social creates a culture of appreciation through non-monetary social recognition and keeps employees up to date with company news and happenings.
  3. Service Anniversary & Milestones Program: Connects Celebrates creates memorable, lasting experiences for your employees on the days that matter most with a branded, personalized digital experience and diverse rewards.
  4. Employee Feedback & Survey Programs: Inspirus has partnered with The Happiness Index (THI) to offer organizations an employee experience management platform that delivers a pioneering combination of employee recognition, engagement, and happiness.
70 NPS, 98.5% retention rate, tailored programs
Employee sentiment feedback tool
Measuring employee happiness & satisfaction using neuroscience
Robust employee sentiment & engagement analytics
Unlimited employee surveys
Global rewards marketplace - serving 185 countries, 33+ languages
Holistic approach toward employee engagement with real-time feedback & surveys for deep insights
Versatile rewards catalog enabling organizations to provide diverse & customizable rewards - traditional & digital
Team analytics for managers

Experience the Inspirus Difference

Our dedication to fostering employee engagement and enhancing workplace culture is rooted in more than a century of experience and innovation. Inspirus helps businesses of all sizes across various industries to not only uplift their cultures but also achieve tangible business outcomes.

Our approach is deeply embedded in our belief that joyous and engaged employees are the cornerstone of a successful organization. Here are just a few of the reasons why organizations choose Inspirus:

  • Proven Experience: Over 130 years of expertise in various industries, understanding diverse organizational needs.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Offering all-encompassing, technology-forward solutions, like Connects Plus, that address every aspect of employee engagement.
  • Measurable Impact: Focusing on creating strategies and solutions with quantifiable impacts on improved employee satisfaction, engagement, culture, performance and profitability
  • Rapid Implementation: Inspirus offers solutions like 'Inspirus Celebrates' that can be implemented quickly (in as little as three weeks), focusing on service anniversaries and retirements, providing flexibility and efficiency in program deployment
  • Collaborative Partnership: Inspirus works closely with clients from discovery to delivery, ensuring a tailored approach and solution to each organization's unique needs, challenges, and goals
  • Ongoing Support: Providing continuous insights, best practices, and strategic guidance even after program launch.
  • Employee Wellbeing Focus: Prioritizing the satisfaction and wellbeing of the entire workforce for a healthier, more productive workplace.

At Inspirus, we strive to 'Bring joy to work' by creating environments where employees feel valued, motivated, and connected. Our commitment to excellence and innovation makes us a trusted partner for organizations looking to enhance their employee engagement and achieve superior business results.